Our Quality Support & Services

We provide quality supports and services with a respectful commitment to people with intellectual or other developmental disabilities. This page provides an overview of those services.


We operate over 60 homes and apartments in three counties providing a true home environment.

Day Habilitation:

Our Day Habilitation Programs offer individuals the opportunity to build toward a productive community experience.

Family Support Services:

Our Family Support Services Program provides respite and support for families, and recreation opportunities for individuals who live at home.


A legal guardian acts on behalf of an individual who has been determined unable to manage his or her own personal affairs without assistance.

Nursing Services:

Our professional Nursing staff provide the utmost care and support for our individuals by working in conjunction with other departments to improve their quality of life.

Behavioral Department:

The behavior department at WWAARC is responsible for helping the agency adhere to OPWDD regulations that pertain to individual rights and behavior intervention, as well as providing clinical support to individuals and programs (residential/respite/day program).

Community Prevocation:

Community Pre-Voc is designed to expose people with disabilities to the real world of employment, developing job readiness and employment skills through a hands on approach.

Pathway to Employment:

Pathway to Employment is a person-centered, comprehensive employment planning and support service designed to assist people with disabilities in achieving competitive employment or self-employment.

Supported Employment:

Our Community Employment program is dedicated to assisting people with developmental disabilities who need additional support obtaining and maintaining employment.