Behavior Department

The behavior department at WWAARC is responsible for helping the agency adhere to OPWDD regulations that pertain to individual rights and behavior intervention, as well as providing clinical support to individuals and programs (residential/respite/day program). Behaviorists work with each individual and their team to develop, train and implement Behavior Support Plans and Medication Monitoring Plans. They process and keep track of consents (approvals) for psychotropic medications as well as all behavior related restrictions that are in place for each person, placing emphasis on working to fade such restrictions. Behavior Intervention Specialists collaborate with each team to develop consultative information for psychiatric providers, summarizing medication effectiveness and advocating for medication decreases when warranted. They play an active role within each team, providing behavior support that focuses on a pro-active rather than a reactive approach. WWAARC prides itself on not engaging in teaching or utilizing any restrictive SCIP-R techniques. To get in contact with us please click Here

Jacquie Stacey, Senior Director of Quality Improvement/Incident Management/Behavioral Supports at (518) 615-9798
Kimberly Edwards-Bourdrez, Assistant Director of Behavioral Supports and Services
Victoria Solimanto, Director of Behavioral Supports and Services
John McEachron, BIS I
Ben Scharett, LMSW, BIS II
Veronika Celaya, BIS II
Nicholas Blocklin, BIS I
William Donovan, BIS I