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Community Pre-Vocational Services

Community Pre-Vocational Services

  • Discover, Obtain and Maintain job readiness and employment skills through interactive experiences in the community
  •  Community Pre-Voc is designed to expose people with disabilities to the real world of employment, developing job readiness and employment skills through a hands on approach.
  •  Experience a variety of different settings including food service, retail, janitorial, clerical and more to discover your fullest potential
  •  Participate in discovery, person-centered employment planning in order to learn valuable information and the knowhow to achieve employment.
  • Participate in hands on skill development and work experiences through on-site visits,
  • interviews, tours and assessments in a variety of local businesses.
  • Increase knowledge of the world of work requirements and awareness of different fields in which employment can be found.
  • Enhance self-advocacy in the workplace.
  • Become a qualified and prepared candidate who can successfully obtain and maintain a job in the local business community.

What you need to start!

  • Interest in exploring one’s abilities.
  • Interest in exploring careers found in the local community.
  • Goal to increase skills and abilities required to obtain employment.
  • Interest in entering the job market within three years.
  • Reliable transportation: people must arrive on time, prepared and ready to take part.

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