WWAARC Board of Directors
President – Anne Marie Lockhart email
Vice President – Margaret DeZee
Treasurer – Lori Martindale
– Daniel Martindale
Directors – Eileen Riebow, Mary Anne Martindale, Nicholas Lanza, Olga Winsor, and Jessica Botelho

Foundation Board of Directors
President – Judith Ann Mysliborski, M.D. email
Secretary – Dr. Glenn Monastersky
Directors – Anne Marie Lockhart, Kim Saba, Jessica Botelho, Esq., Peter Guidarelli and Jessica Botelho

Executive Director
Dan Murray email

Deputy Executive Director
Kelli Barron email

Chief Financial Officer
Kendra Moses email

Assistant Executive Directors
Corporate Compliance Officer – Cunene A. Hooper email
Employment and Day Services – Michelle Bielawa email
Day Hab and Residential Services – Laurie Dailey email
Health Services and Facilities – Sean Casey email
Human Resources – Lisa St. John
Quality Assurance
– Cindy Jordan email
QIDP and Self Direction – Sarah Aison