WWAARC Board of Directors
President – Anne Marie Lockhart email
Vice President – Margaret DeZee
Treasurer – Lori Martindale
– Daniel Martindale
Directors – Eileen Riebow, Mary Anne Martindale, Nicholas Lanza, Olga Winsor, and Jessica Botelho

Foundation Board of Directors
President – Judith Ann Mysliborski, M.D.
Directors – Anne Marie Lockhart, Kim Saba, Jessica Botelho, Esq., Peter Guidarelli

Executive Director
Dan Murray email

Deputy Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer
Kendra Moses email

Assistant Executive Directors
HR & Support Services – Kelli Lathrop email
Corporate Compliance Officer – Cunene A. Hooper email
Employment and Day Services – Michelle Bielawa email
Day Hab and Residential Services – Laurie Dailey email
Health Services and Facilities – Sean Casey email
Quality Assurance – Jacquie Stacey email
QIDP and Self Direction – Sarah Aison email
Finance – April Vanderwerken – email