The WWAARC Guardianship Committee and people we support with guardianship services are very thankful for the generous contribution of $45,000 that they received from the NYSARC Trust Services. This worthwhile program currently provides guardianship supports and services to six people and the Guardianship Committee members are ready to assist families who inquire about the guardianship process. With this grant, the quality of life of the people WWAARC supports with guardianship services has been enhanced. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to support these six people in many ways such as purchasing agency apparel, holiday and birthday gifts, a stereo to keep everyone singing and dancing to their favorite tunes during our holiday and birthday parties along with items that address the health and well-being of those we support and much more. The grant offered our Guardianship Committee opportunities to support and assist those people receiving guardianship services to pursue their life interests and to enhance their quality of life.

WWAARC sends our heartful appreciation to the NYSARC Trust Services Trustees for a grant that focuses on the well-being and quality of life of each person supported with Guardianship services.


NYSARC Trust Services also awarded WWAARC $18,000 to support recreational opportunities and enrich the lives of nearly 1,000 people we support. We were able to purchase #WWAARC Strong t-shirts for everyone in our Residential program, outdoor inflatable movie screen, projector, outdoor speakers & iPads for both our northern and southern locations, several arts and crafts supplies & activities, several pizza parties throughout the agency, Halloween and Christmas activities for both locations, and New Year’s Eve party supplies. and many other recreational activities. The recreation grant funds
presented us with the opportunity to purchase items that allowed us to reach a large number of people we support with activities that broaden their experiences, opened the door to explore new and creative opportunities as well as to participate in the life of the community.