The WWAARC Guardianship program is very thankful for this generous contribution. We provide guardianship supports and services to seven people and we are ready to assist four more as a Standby. With this grant, the quality of life of the people supported with guardianship services has been enhanced. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic we were able to support the seven people in many ways such as purchasing agency apparel, holiday and birthday gifts, a camera to capture the special moments along with items that address the well-being of those we support such as an electric bed, recliner, heated chair and much more.  The grant offered our Guardianship Committee opportunities to support and assist those people receiving guardianship services to pursue their life interests.


NYSARC Trust Services also awarded WWAARC $12,000 to support recreational opportunities and enrich the lives of nearly 1,000 people we support. We were able to purchase recreational equipment and materials such as an exercise bike, Wii and games, heat press machine for T-shirts, materials for craft activities as well as supported community outings such as a trip to Animal Land, Apple Picking, picnic lunches and many others. The recreation grant funds presented us with the opportunity to purchase items that allowed us to reach a large number of people we support with activities that broaden their experiences, opened the door to explore new and creative opportunities as well as to participate in the life of the community.

Thank you again to the Trustee Management Board of NYSARC Trust Services for these really wonderful opportunities.