This generous contribution enabled us to enhance the lives of those we support as we carried out our responsibilities as their guardian and/or standby and alternate standby guardian.  Holidays and birthday celebrations were made a little more special; personal goals and interests of people supported with guardianship services were enhanced with the financial assistance we were able to provide; our emotional support and advocacy during the good and difficult times of the lives of those people supported gave them, in many cases, the caring family they lost or never had.

The celebrations—birthdays, holidays, welcoming Spring, etc.—were filled with laughter, smiles, and an atmosphere of family.  We are always being asked, “When is the next party?”

In addition, we were also able to support families who reached out to us for assistance and resources for their adult children as they began to consider legal guardianship.


The Fall Festival occurred on Saturday, October 19 at our Quaker Road location where approximately 125-150 people joined us for a day of games, pumpkin painting, trick or trunking, great food while more memories were being made. This event continues to be a huge hit for WWAARC, not only for the people that we support but for all the staff and/or volunteers. The feeling that you get when you can see and hear the laughter and smiles from the people that we support is heartfelt. It’s wonderful to hear from them during and after the event about how much fun it was, they can’t wait until next year,  having them show you all the prizes they won from the games and showing off their artistic ability after they have painted their pumpkins. This year we kept the trick or trunk event, and the people we support voted for the best decorated trunk!

We also had a similar event on Friday, September 6 at our Krumkill Road location for our Agency Picnic. We had about 350 people come out for a day of dancing, fun, food, games and prizes! It was a beautiful day and a great way to finish out the end of a summer week!

Throughout the year we also had many holiday activities! For our Halloween celebration we had pumpkins and art supplies for a pumpkin decorating contest. There were many different awards given out! Another activity we do throughout the year is our Easter Peep Show. Everyone enjoyed working on scenes (dioramas) with their staff using the marshmallow Peeps and various art supplies. We also decorated holiday cookies on  Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween!

Thank you again to the Trustee Management Board of NYSARC Trust Services for these really wonderful opportunities