Join us in celebrating The Arc NY 75th Annual Membership Campaign

Our strength comes from our collective effort of our families, volunteers, and our caring staff uniting to create opportunities for our people to learn, to grow, to live, happy fulfilling lives. Now is the perfect time to help us celebrate our 75th year of our commitment of fulfilling our promise made to our families of those we support by joining now.

Membership Matters

The Power of Membership

Why should I become a WWAARC Member?

By becoming a member, you will be providing WWAARC with a stronger voice at local, state and national levels by allowing us to:

  • Elevate Advocacy efforts for the people we support. Your voice, combined with those of over 6,000 members will amplify our message.
  • Shape our future by collectively advocating for the decisions and policies that impact the people we serve. Increase our awareness within our community in order to encourage society-wide acceptance of the people we support.

Why is your membership vital now?

  • To continue to carry forth our legacy in helping to sustain the support and progress we have made in the past 75 years. For a wider perspective on our collective advocacy, join The Arc New York and The Arc of the U.S.
  • Your vote will guide the decisions we make and the direction we will take for our future.
  • Engage in active participation by volunteer and advocacy opportunities that directly support our mission and the people we support.

Who can become a member?

  • Family, friends or anyone whose principal place of residence or employment is in Warren, Washington or Albany Counties.
  • A person who receives or have received services from WWAARC.
  • A blood relative or the legal guardian of a person who receives or have received services from WWAARC.
  • A current employee of WWAARC.

Get Involved:

Become a member
Attend an event
Work at WWAARC

Together, we can create a stronger circle of friends.

Anne Marie Lockhart, Board President