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Warren & Washington
436 Quaker Road
Queensbury, NY 12804
Telephone: (518) 793-4204
Fax: (518) 793-4345
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334 Krumkill Road
Slingerlands, NY 12159
Telephone: (518) 459-0750
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Residential Services

WWAARC operates over 70 residential homes and apartments located throughout Warren, Washington and Albany Counties in New York State. We also operate a free standing Respite Center located in Warren County, which is open to individuals in surrounding counties.

Our Residential Program offers a comprehensive array of services for all participants which maximizes individual growth and independence, based on residents' strengths, interests and abilities. The goal of the program is to provide a true home environment with a focus on the development of both independence and daily living skill areas. Our residences vary in size from typical one to three bedroom apartments, three to four bedroom two story/ranch style houses to very large five to nine bedroom homes both ranch style and two story. Most of our apartments serve those individuals who typically access the community independently. Currently, nine of our residences are barrier free serving those who benefit from an accessible environment. All of our apartments and houses provide a cozy, home-like setting. We encourage individuals to personalize their homes. 

We assist families in planning for the adult child or relative's transition from their present living arrangement to a WWAARC community residence.  We encourage family involvement and welcome those with family members to visit when they choose.

Our focus is to offer community and neighborhood integration and involvement by identifying and utilizing community resources and services. Through person-centered planning and approach, we target desired recreational opportunities, special events, day trips and more extensive vacations for our individuals.   

Our Van Dusen Respite Center is located in Queensbury, New York not far from Exit 18 off I-87. Our Respite Center offers families an opportunity for their individual to spend a weekend with others and be offered a weekend of scheduled events and activities. The Respite Center is also open during school vacations during the day for those students who benefit from planned activities and structure.

For more information: 

In Albany County:
Chrissy Shumate, Senior Residential Program Director, at (518) 935-4396 or by email

In Warren & Washington Counties:
Krista Morehouse, Sr. Dir. of Residential Programs, at (518) 615-9796 or by email
David Moses, Residential Program Director, at (518) 615-9836 or by email
Helen Waite, Residential Program Director, at (518) 615-9821 or by email
Laurie Dailey, Residential Program Director, at (518) 615-9811 or by email