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Family Support Services

WWAARC’s Family Support Service Program is committed to serving families who care for their loved one(s) with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities at home. Various supports are offered to families to keep their loved one home for as long as they are able. Eligible individuals may participate in one or all of the programs that are offered.

Respite Reimbursement

Available at both Albany & Warren-Washington locations

This program is designed to provide financial support to parents/caregivers for respite (relief from care giving). Once enrolled, the parent/caregiver 'hires' their own respite worker to provide respite in their home and WWAARC will reimburse the parent/caregiver up to a pre-allocated amount. In addition to on-going reimbursement funds, WWAARC also has emergency funds available for additional support/respite hours for their child or family member.

Recreation Programs

Recreation programs are for individuals who reside at home with their families. This is an hourly waiver program for those eligible under OPWDD guidelines. These individuals may or may not receive other services from WWAARC.

Albany Location: Drop-In Center

The Drop-In Center offers both recreational and leisure activities. Participants have the opportunity to be involved in activities such as playing board games, reading books and magazines, listening to music, playing in the gymnasium, bowling, cooking, using a computer, going to the library, doing yoga, mall walking, volunteering in the community, going to concerts and more. This gives each individual the opportunity to have a good time and socialize with their peers.

Warren & Washington Counties Location: Weekend Recreation

This program currently offers opportunities for individuals to attend a variety of social and recreational activities, typically on Sundays. Pre-planned events, shows, trips and other activities are offered monthly. Enrolled individuals participate in these activities in groups of up to five. Drop off/Pick up is at our Maple Street Day Habilitation location in Glens Falls.

Free Standing Respite

Located in Warren County but may be utilized by residents of surrounding counties.

We operate one of the few Free Standing Respite Programs in all of upstate New York. This program provides a home-like environment combining recreation and socialization with other individuals who have similar needs and interests. Our respite center provides an accessible, relaxing environment and it is close to many local attractions, events, shops and activities.

Services at the Center include: Weekend (Overnight) and School Break Respites

Weekend Respite - We provide weekend overnight respite to children and adults who live at home. We are open on Friday at 2:00pm until Sunday at 4:00pm. The parent/caregiver is responsible for transportation to and from the center (although some days programs transport on Fridays). Medication administration, supervision, personal care and meals are provided.

School Break Respite - This is a recreational program for children who are still attending school and it operates during school vacations. We are open Monday through Friday from 7:30am - 5:00pm during select school breaks throughout the year. We pre-plan daily outings/activities and go out in groups of up to 5.

Community Habilitation

Available at both Albany and Warren-Washington locations

Staff provide 1:1 training and assistance to individuals in acquiring skills to enhance their independence at home and in the community. Visits are regularly scheduled and usually range from 1 - 3 hours daily, up to 5 days a week, depending on the needs of the individual. Community Habilitation Plans are person-centered and focused on assisting individuals in areas such as socializing in community settings, increasing communication skills, developing independent living skills and teaching safety skills.

For more information on our Family Support Services
or Community Habilitation:

Carly Perry, Director of Family Support Services 
at (518) 615-2100 or by email

Nichele Beyer, Assistant Director Family Support Services 
at (518) 935-4335 or by email

Tealia Mandy, Assistant Director Family Support Services 
at (518) 761-0471 or by email